Bad Weather Update

Reminder: Bridges get icy before roads do. This means attempting to brake on the road will work fine, but braking hard on a bridge may result in unexpected behavior from your vehicle. There were several motorists who were reminded of this earlier today and ended up in the ditch along the highway.

The rain didn't start until just before 7am and didn't last very long. Just long enough to get the bridges (and my deck) nice and icy. As I left work tonight there was a light mist and fog was developing. That might result in a nice glaze on the roads again tomorrow.

Suggestion: Consider having a warm coat, hat and mittens/gloves in your vehicle. No, you won't have to wear it between your vehicle and your office, but if you do happen to run off the road you might be glad you have warm outerwear.

Dear Spammers:
While I appreciate that Brad Pitt is quite a handsome man, I would be inordinately surprised if your pills could cause me to look like him. It's an interesting concept to turn a thirtysomething woman into a fortysomething man, but I don't think that it can be accomplished with mere pharmaceuticals, much less untested pharmaceuticals. You might try targeting your spam at an audience on which your product MIGHT have a chance of working. Like fortysomething men. Thank you for your consideration.

Three Grateful Things
  1. A toasty, warm preheated bed courtesy of my new electric mattress pad. This is especially delicious on a cold, damp night.
  2. Being able to help a friend with a delayed flight by arranging for a hotel room while he's stuck on the tarmac.
  3. Getting past the halfway point in verifying data.


Stefaneener said…
I'll never forget running off the road in a blizzard in South Dakota and having more supplies and warm clothing in the car than the local farmer who also spent 30 hours trapped in his car.

Unlike him, we had peanut butter and chocolate to eat and didn't have to set the car's floormats on fire to keep warm.

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