Happy Solstice!

Good-bye longer nights. Welcome longer days! I have let go of various things I have been carrying around with me this past year, by writing them down on pieces of paper which I burn. I look forward to the changes that may arrive in 2009. I wish you all peace, warmth and happiness!

New Toenail
So, back in July, I smashed my 2nd largest toe on my left foot badly enough that blood filled the nail. I was pretty certain that the toenail would fall off and now it finally has. Or at least it did some time in the past week. I completely missed it. I knew that one edge was coming loose and I meant to have a look at it within the next day or two, in case it needed trimming or other assistance. Apparently, it didn't need any help at all. Well, at least it didn't hurt when it came off.

Holiday Busyness
I have neither baked nor knitted as much as I had intended. I actually baked more this year than I have in past years. I decided to use up the stockpile of frozen bananas to make banana bread for my co-workers. There are a dozen mini loaves and two full-size loaves to go with me tomorrow. I found a recipe for chocolate crinkles that sounded really good too, but the cookies didn't quite turn out as good as they sounded. They didn't look as nice and they aren't as sweet as I'd like, though I bet they would be good dunked in coffee or hot chocolate. I also made candied walnuts which turned out pretty well. I need to make some Russian teacakes, but that will probably wait until tomorrow night when I'm trying to get packed.

Having a bad cold this week wasn't exactly in my plan. I'd really like to mostly sleep but that probably won't happen (that's a distinct disadvantage to sleeping on the couch on family visits). I will try to avoid the extraneous socializing that seems to happen during family visits. When I'm sick, I just don't have much patience for being around people I don't know well or much tolerance for screaming kids. I'm curious to see what the weather will be like. I probably ought to start thinking about what to pack. Maybe I'll just clean my house tonight and skip knitting. The untidiness is making me tired.


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