Old Year Resolution

As you know, I am, at the present time, both sick and very tired.  In my person, this tends to make me crabby.  I can do a pretty darned good impersonation of Lucy from Peanuts when I get crabby, which brings me to my Old Year's Resolution.  I hereby resolve follow this simple rule:  If I can't say something nice, I'm not going to say anything at all.  

As a result, I will not participate in ranting. I may listen to your ranting and may agree that the situation is unfortunate, but I will not support or encourage your ranting.  Nor will I commend you for ranting about something that happened to/around/at you. I will not support your portrayal of yourself as a helpless victim to which horrible things keep happening.  Foaming at the mouth will not be rewarded by me.  If that makes me unsupportive and uncaring, I'm sorry you feel that way, but it makes me feel ill to foment additional nastiness particularly when that energy might be better used to solve whatever problem is causing the ranting in the first place.  (I guess I'm weird in that I'd rather jump in and solve the problem than to create drama about it, but then it's just in my nature to solve problems and get them running on track again.)

(Note: Yes, this also applies to my own ranting. I won't be tolerating it any longer either.  I've done far too much of it lately due to frustration.  I will no longer let the angry, mean people get me down.  I'm in charge of how I feel and you can't make me feel bad. This has now become a game and I'm not going to let them win. *throws gauntlet on the ground*)


Twitchh said…
*Gooooooooooooooo*, RL!



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