My body is tired. My brain is tired. My motivation ran out of energy a while ago and my attitude seems to be following it. Of course, I appear to be rather invisible at work these days, which isn't helping. I dearly wish that I were allowed to telecommute. I might feel better if I were working in my jammies. There's really no reason why I couldn't telecommute. I'm actually required to have a high-speed internet connection, so that's not a barrier. Frankly, I don't need the internet to alphabetize 6000 pieces of paper anyway, just a lack of strong breezes. I suspect the real issue is that upper management thinks employees wearing their PJs and bunny slippers wouldn't work as hard or as long as the same employees trapped in an office. They're probably right, given the work ethic that seems common these days. (I must be tired, I'm starting to sound like a crabby old lady complaining about these young whippersnappers and just what is the world coming to anyway?! *sigh*)

What I really need is for the sun to come out. Maybe I'll go eat an orange. That's sort of like the sun. It certainly smells like the sun might smell, if the sun wouldn't instantly incinerate your nose if you sniffed it. Going to the gym might help too. I made an excuse the past couple of days due to potentially icy roads. (I did, at least, do a pretty good weight circuit using free weights at home today.) Tomorrow I won't have that excuse. I've *got* to get back in that habit. Running/walking/waddling always helps me feel better about myself and less disillusioned with my job. The endorphins either cause me to care a lot less about not using my degree and training or else I'm just less depressed about it.

Things To Do
I should send holiday cards, given that we're in the middle of major winter holiday season. Of course, I don't usually send out cards prior to January 1, so why should I break with tradition now? I should also do some baking, since several family members have requested baked goods and/or homemade candy as gifts. Then there are the knitted gifts which I have not yet completed. Fortunately these are for children, so they are small. The laundry isn't terribly piled up at the moment, though the accumulation of washed, but unfolded clothes is slowly growing. I need to nip that in the bud before the mountain takes over my bedroom floor once again. Of course, there is also that daily workout thing. I haven't done it in a while. I miss it terribly. I've skipped it enough now that I've rather lost the habit of going. I don't like that. I definitely do not like that. Only one way to fix it, so I'll get to work on that in the morning. I'm sure there are other things I could also do, but I can't think of them at the moment. I think I'll put on my pajamas, toss a light-hearted DVD in the machine and go drool on myself for a little while before going to bed early. I am detecting that stuffy/scratchy at the back of the head feeling that often presages the development of a cold. Ugh. (Though that would explain both my tiredness and my general feeling of snoogliness.)


Stefaneener said…
I hear you!

I'm personally so tired of short days I could cry. This isn't a great time of year, and soon, soon, it will be over.

I caved and bought holiday cards. Now let's see if I send 'em.

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