Still Talking to Myself:

If you get the sticky note grocery list out of your backpack so you can add things to it, it would be helpful if you would put it back in your backpack before leaving for work. Leaving it on the desk at home does not assist with the shopping process. I'm not entirely sure why I stuck a random blank piece of paper into my shirt pocket today and imagined it was the shopping list, but I did.

Self, you have already discovered that peanut brittle for dinner is not the world's greatest idea. Peanut brittle for breakfast is also not likely to be a good idea, though hot coffee is a fairly good peanut brittle solvent. I don't care how much you whine and plead or how many times you swear you'll take your garden shoes off at the back door instead of tracking dirt through the house. You are NOT having peanut brittle for breakfast. Why? Because I said so, that's why. What's that? What makes my "Because I said so" better than your "Because I said so?" Because I said it first! Besides, you just finished eating all the peanut brittle anyway. Don't come whining to me when your tummy is queasy with all the sugar. And, no, peanut brittle is not "just like a PB&J sammich with extra jelly (sugar) and no bread". Now go have a time out and consider healthy meal options, you silly slow learner.

More Recently Overheard Conversations in Public Places:
"You know the only reason black people are voting is because a black guy is running for President." This was followed by extended discourse on how said black candidate will only do things for "his people" and "the rest of us will be on our own".

I dunno, I've not always been terribly impressed by the abilities of the rich white guys to get things done. Perhaps a change would be good. I'm also pretty sure that the President doesn't just get a free pass to do whatever the heck he wants once he gets the nifty round office, the red phone and the assorted bill signing pen collection. I'm pretty sure there's this thing called balance of power between the branches, so even if a president wanted to cater only to his particular special interest group, that power might be limited. (though with congress filled with rich white guys, that may not be much of an impediment depending upon the group in which you are specially interested).

I will, however, be greatly amused if there is a greater proportion of registered minority voters voting this year than the white folks. That would shake up some folks. So would the election of a minority dude. It's going to be fun to watch what happens. I just hope there isn't another hanging chad sort of fiasco.


Stefaneener said…
I just Do Not Get the whole "Sky is falling! Black [technically biracial] guy might be elected! Aaaiiieeee!"

Sheesh, people. Get a grip.

I'm so excited about this I could skip and dance, but I'm scared to count chickens a bit too soon.

Hee. The word verification is "grobully." Maybe that's what I am in the garden.
Miss M said…
Yeah, I don't get it either. I'm going to start buying popcorn now. It's gonna be a good show. :o)

The most recent furor is that Mr. Obama was seen carrying a copy of The Post-American World. This is, of course, a clear sign that he's only interested in the downfall of the US. Let's not consider that that isn't actually the thesis of the book in question, but rather that it's about the rise of other nations.

With as much jumping to conclusions that seems to be going on, you'd think people would be in better physical and mental condition. :-/

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