Notes To Self:

A little peanut brittle is a good snack. Eating peanut brittle until your jaws hurt from chewing and your tummy is upset is waaaaaaaay more than a snack amount. Also, apparently you don't get sugar rushes when you get older. This is something of a bummer. (And the sugar rush had darned well better not kick in at bedtime or I'm gonna be tweaked.)

Tilling up the garden at the end of the growing season is good. Leaving one's shoes untied during this exercise is an excellent way to get most of the garden dirt inside said shoes (and actually inside one's socks too). Failing to think about this results in needing to vacuum up the portion of the garden you track inside the house. DOH!

Attempting to have a more positive attitude at work may be paying off. I did get asked to participate in/work on a big project that cropped up over the weekend. Yay! This may be a sign of changing behaviors in more people than just me. W00t! (Based upon how well things go, I may re-evaluate my exit strategy.)

If hitting the snooze button two times results in my being late getting to the gym, hitting the snooze button *three* times will not result in my getting to the gym earlier than hitting it just two times. Oh, and there is no tear in the space-time continuum between my house and the gym. Although my vehicle does periodically activate a cloaking device, it does not seem capable of folding time and space when I need to be places sooner.

It's not a good idea to put the renewal notices for your license plates in a "safe place" until you have a day off to pay them. Unless you write down where that "safe place" is and put that note somewhere obvious.

Writing a grocery list on a sticky note is good. Putting the sticky note on the library books you're taking back today is also good. Renewing the books online just as you leave the house and then leaving the books at home rather makes it difficult to use the grocery list after work. DOH!

Today's Moral Dilemma:

I tipped over the compost bin and distributed the contents across 1/4 of the garden before tilling it under. During this process, I discovered that I rendered two mice homeless. The second one must have just woken up from a pre-dinner nap because he seemed a bit confused to suddenly be outside. He just sat there, then hopped a couple of steps, then stopped and looked around, then hopped a bit further before disappearing into the tomato plants. The first mouse just beat a quick retreat to the other end of the garden. I kinda feel bad about wrecking their house. It was probably really warm in their soil cave underneath all the decomposing plant material. I can't replace their house though and I'm sure they'll manage to come up with a solution to not having a house. Well, I'll keep telling myself they won't end up as mouse-cicles. The local coyote pack may find them easier prey now too, but then at least they wouldn't freeze to death.

OTOH, the garden looks pretty good, though I'll till it up again tomorrow after I get more fuel for the tiller. Once all the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants die, I'll till up the remainder of the garden too.

Have I mentioned how much I like to get to do lots of real work at work? *SQUEE!*


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