More Notes to Self:

If you eat a bunch of peanut brittle for dinner on Monday and discover that it gives you a tummy ache, it's a fair bet that having even more peanut brittle for dinner on Tuesday will also give you a tummy ache.

Remember the grocery list sticky note from yesterday? I had every intention of moving said sticky note from the library books and taking it with me to work today. When I left work, I remembered that I hadn't done that. When I got home from work, I discovered that the grocery list sticky note was not on the library books. Interesting. So, where do I find the list? In my backpack, where I apparently put it after removing it from the library books this morning. *sigh*
(No, a lack of groceries is not why I'm eating peanut brittle for dinner. I have real food to eat. I just can't keep my hand out of the tub o' peanut brittle.)

Don't buy raw peanuts ever again. This should help prevent future peanut brittle outbreaks in my kitchen with subsequent peanut brittle dinner incidents.


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