Lucky Would Be Pleased

Lucky is a former neighbor. He was somewhere between70 and 80 years old. He once gave me a small Rose of Sharon shrub he needed to move. I planted it at a friend's house. This shrub, over the course of the next few years, spawned numerous offspring as it spewed out seeds every fall. When I moved here, I brought with me several of the offspring from Lucky's shrub. I planted them on the south side of my house as a temporary stopping place until I figured out their final location.

Nearly two years later, I've mostly figured out where to plant them. Two of them are now in a newly made bed on the south side of the deck. Since it's impossible to mow into a corner and I hate having to go back with the weed whacker, I have now made a gently curved bed out of that corner. The corner will be anchored by the larger of the two shrubs. The other one is a bit further south along the back of the house. I'm not 100% certain I like the second shrub being placed there, but it'll work for tonight. It may end up along the edge of the old poison ivy corner or in an expansion of the north side flower bed. Of the two, as yet unmoved shrubs, one will stay on the southwest corner of the house. The other will go down by the garden shed and the big oak tree. This was the first year these shrubs set flowers, but I have harvested as many seed pods as I could find. I'd like to keep propagating Lucky's shrubs wherever I go. They're pretty, they're easy to grow and they're a reminder of a kind person's generosity.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can get the trees in the irises moved. They'll be planted off the southwest corner of the house in hopes they will eventually shade the house somewhat in the summer. The larger of the two trees may be too big to get dug up and moved, but I'll be patient and try my best. The really rainy day we had earlier this week was a big help at softening the ground for me. The softened ground has also eliminated the last excuse I had to avoid the nasty weeding I have avoided for the past two years. Ugh. On the other hand, it also means I won't be tilling up the garden this weekend since it's too wet. Yet another excuse gone.... *sigh*


Twitchh said…
Lucky would be very pleased, indeed, morenna.

Very nice!

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