Ok, sports fans, you'll remember that I cleaned up the home office and threw a bunch of stuff out over the weekend. Sunday night I discovered that the home office now smells like something died in there. I shampooed the carpet last night. It still smelled this morning. When I got home from work this evening, it still smelled but I thought I could tolerate it. I can't. I shampooed it again. I might give it one more try tomorrow evening. After that, I'm seriously considering ripping up the carpet and laying a laminate or bamboo floor. No, it's really not in the budget, but the room is basically unusable with the smell right now and as far as I can tell it's coming from the carpet. I guess moving all those boxes around and smooshing various parts of the carpet stirred something up.

Needless to say the waste water from the carpet cleaner was *nasty*! This is not the first time I've cleaned this carpet, but I'm getting the impression that I may have been the first person to have ever cleaned it. Ugh.

Biggest Loser!
Well, not exactly. The local YMCA is having a fat loss contest over the next six weeks. The weigh/measure-in starts tomorrow morning. Entry fee is $10. Surprisingly, they aren't actually doing caliper-based measurements. In fact, they aren't actually measuring body fat at all. They are instead recording height, weight and age, then applying a formula to arrive at a body fat number. I suspect they're actually looking at Body Mass Index (BMI) instead, but I could be wrong. Either way, it'll be good motivation to keep hitting the gym, eating well and working out hard!

Musings on my Job Conflict
I have figured out why my job drives me nuts. It's not the job that is the problem. It's the standards of the management/leadership. Whenever data is released revealing our performance level relative to all the other regions, the statement I hear most often is "Well, at least we're not the worst region." This stupefies me. Wouldn't it make more sense to set being the BEST region as your goal, not to just be marginally above the worst? Why say denigrating things about the high-performing regions? It sure doesn't make us look any better. If there is a training program where we might learn to do our jobs more effectively, why grumble about having to attend or to learn new (and potentially better) ways to get our jobs done? Do you really want to work harder in order to achieve worse results? Wouldn't you rather work smarter and achieve more?

If the rankings involve the public in the region, why is it acceptable to explain the reason for poor performance by saying that the residents are uneducated and poor? Since you also live here, does that mean you are dumb and poor as well? There are certainly other poor and uneducated populations in this state (and in other states), yet they often outperform us. Why is that? If you have given up on making any difference in the rankings via the job you presently have, why are you still working here? You're certainly not doing the public any good. You've already decided they're too poor and dumb to improve.

Why is it acceptable for mediocrity to be the status quo? Why not keep striving for improved performance, both overall as an organization as well as personally? The only person I have to be better than is the person I was yesterday. Why would I want anything less than that? If you're resting on your laurels, you're wearing them on the wrong body part.


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