Things, They Are A Changin'...

Well, it sounds like I'm about halfway to a job offer at a different organization. It's a step down in responsibility, but likely a step up (or three) in actually using my training on a reliable basis. The paycheck will be bigger, but the cost of living will also be higher so there would actually be a small effective decrease in income.

Unfortunately, now is not a particularly good time to be trying to sell a house. On top of that, I'm not entirely certain that this new job would fix my general problem with a presently unfulfilling career. Heck, I'm not completely certain just what the problem is, exactly. It seems to change from day to day.

There would be some merit, I think, to staying where I am for a little while and figuring out where it is that I want to go and what it is I want to do, rather than just going away from where I am now. It seems like there might be some advantage to having a destination to aim toward rather than only having a departure to be fleeing. I'm making dramatic progress toward figuring out what I want and taking steps to get there. I've started making various life changes and I'd like to continue making that progress and building those new habits. I'm not sure a major move at the moment would be conducive to continuing that progress.

So what if I passed up this particular opportunity, continued my work on myself and on my other options for development and, instead, have faith in the belief that when I am ready another even better opportunity will present itself and then I'll jump on it for all I'm worth. How does that sound? (Don't you wish you could look up the answers in the back of the Book of Life?)

First Up? A name change...
Some of you know that Morenna is the name of my primary online gaming character. Much as I would like to claim it as my own invention, I cannot. I actually saw it at a fiber festival ten years ago and borrowed it to name my game char. It has since become something of an online alter-ego for me. I have recently come to the conclusion that it's a bit unfair to Robin Edmundson for me to continue to use the name she came up with for her company, regardless of how beautiful that name is. (By the way, Robin dyes gorgeous rovings and yarns. You really should go check it out. I'm particularly fond of the Hummingbird colorway.) So, you'll notice in the next few days that the name on my blog will be changing. Yes, it's confusing and I'm sure it'll aggravate some of you, but it's the right thing to do, so I'm doing it. My apologies to Robin.

The new name will be Ruby Louise. Ruby Louise is a combination of my grandmother's names and I always thought it would be a good name for an interesting book character. Anyway, I hope most of you will stick around and see what's to come.

On a Less Serious Note
I have a new digital camera!!! Twitchh sent me an early Christmas present, so now it'll be a blog with *pictures* again. (Since July I've had to use an old digital camera that won't re-charge or my phone's camera. Needless to say, that rather put a crimp in my daily picture taking.)

Now I can show you that the local bird population has been doing a particularly bad job of cleaning up the fallen birdseed. All that new growth is sprouting sunflower seeds. I think part of the problem is the neighborhood orange tabby cat who has figured out that hiding under my deck is a great place to ambush pigeons. That explains the clumps of feathers I have periodically found on the ground near the bird feeder.

And finally, part of my tool collection. Just in case you were concerned that the new changes meant an end to my insanity/wackiness, I washed my tools. Technically, they're my paternal grandfather's tools that I acquired after my grandmother died ten years ago. When I got them, they were still coated with a good layer of motor oil and grease, with a sprinkling of old grass clippings and dirt. This weekend I was tidying up the garage and needed to re-organize and put away my tools. I decided it was time to finally clean up the old toolbox. It took a lot of hot water, some ammonia and some long soaking times. I'm particularly fond of the two wrenches on the right side of the photo which have ends broken off. I imagine there was some spectacular swearing that went on when that happened.


Stefaneener said…
I'm all for faith and hope. And you're right -- it is a sucky time to sell.

I thought you were really clear on what the trouble at work is (see what happens when you only know someone from a blog?) but if you're not totally clear on what you want, then it's probably good that you're thinking things through so carefully.

Poor little sunflowers. Don't they know it's going to be too cold for them soon?

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