Well, Isn't that Interesting....

My work laptop appears to have gone AWOL. Ordinarily it sits next to my desk in its sexy little black bag. Today I noticed that it wasn't there. The problem is that I cannot swear it was or wasn't there yesterday or Monday. I think I remember having to navigate around it to get to the phone yesterday (because it's kinda in the way to reach the phone and I don't like to knock it over), but I'm not 100% certain. What bothers me most is that I apparently didn't immediately grok it was missing. I like to think I'm a bit more observant than that. *sigh*

Surprisingly, I am not at all stressed, depressed or otherwise upset about it. I guess my new behavior changes are taking effect already. A couple of months ago I'd have been beating myself up about it. The thing is, I can't exactly secure my cubicle and of the lockable drawers in said cube, all of them are full of files with no room for a laptop and bag. The HD was encrypted and password protected, so that's good at least.

The Friday Off Jinx
I had intended to take last Friday off when things got really busy at work, so I figured I'd just move it to this Friday. Yeah. Well, we got the same kind of phone call late today that we got exactly one week ago, so it looks like we'll be busy as heck again tomorrow and Friday. Methinks I won't be taking this Friday off either. Maybe I'll try for the Monday before Veteran's Day instead. That would even give me a 4 day weekend.


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