I am *SO* glad....

that I don't believe in diets.

I ate two pieces of apple pie for dinner.

That counts as two servings of fruit, right?

I didn't workout yesterday because I was too tired. I did workout today, though it wasn't a full weight circuit. Still, it was better than nothing.

Yesterday, I ate more fatty food than I usually do. I had a salad (which was good) with way too much blue cheese dressing (which was tasty, but less healthy) and a grilled cheese sammich (also good, but less healthy). The tables around us at the restaurant all seemed to be eating onion rings, so I got a side order of them too. They were very tasty, but definitely not healthy. Dinner was a plum and a piece of apple pie.

Today at lunch I had veggie fajitas, but loaded them up with guacamole and sour cream. Also not the healthiest, though I like to tell myself that avocado fat isn't as unhealthy as fries or trans fats. Tonight's dinner was, of course, two pieces of pie. I'd love to call that two servings of fruit (and it might well be), but it also comes with two servings of pastry.

This rather dramatic departure in dietary habits from my usual lowfat, high veggie and high fresh fruit intake may explain my feeling so tired. I even got a good night's sleep last night, but the morning workout didn't help perk me up at all. I'll try an early bedtime again tonight and maybe tomorrow will be more of a zingy day. In the meantime, I'm doing my best toddler impersonation and trying to stay up later than I really should when I'm tired. In fact, I feel a little like this looks:


Twitchh said…
"Nnnnot sleepy!"


Stefaneener said…
My weight has been sneaking back up on me, despite the running.

There's only one place to look -- right in front of my mouth. Back to lots and lots of veggies, I guess.

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