Training Days

I love it when I get to do a full day of training off-site. It makes the day go sooooooo fast and it's usually really FUN! Today was no exception. My partner and I were also awarded a cookie for being the first to finish our practice exercise. Yay!

And then I came home and watched the end of the Olympic team show jumping event. The US won in a jump-off against Canada. I tried to knit during it, but gave up as I keep stopping to watch the horses. I got a big laugh when I noticed that I was breathing with the horses. (Horses that are galloping exhale when their feet hit the ground and inhale when their feet are all in the air or when they're jumping.) I was very happy to see that Ian Millar of Canada finally got an Olympic medal. I didn't realize he'd never medalled before. I thought for sure that he and Big Ben had received one at some point.

Now I'll keep telling myself that the lawn really doesn't need to be mowed until tomorrow and get back to my knitting!


Stefaneener said…
I need to figure out how to watch stuff on line. I only want to see the equestrian events, really. Since we went tv-free, I've missed all of it.

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