You know you've been going to the gym a lot when...

it is strange to take a shower at home. I wonder if this will result in less bathroom cleaning time. Probably not. I suppose there will be less soap scum, but probably the same amount of mold/mildew. I keep forgetting to use my handy dandy Spongebob Squarepants squeegee on the shower doors. Usually I remember about 20 minutes after I'm out of the shower.

I was actually somewhat motivated this morning. I folded and put away nearly all the clean laundry from the past two weeks. Now I just have a stack of t-shirts to fold and put away. I'll get that done before bed. I really ought to clean up the kitchen. If I'd empty the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, I could actually get the backlog of dirty dishes in there and cleaned and then put away. Sounds easy enough, right?

Obnoxious Behavior
While out grocery shopping earlier this week, I saw an interesting exchange between a teenaged girl and her mother. The teenager was apparently being told she couldn't have or do something she wanted. Her response to being told no was to reach out and flick her mother in the nose with her finger. The mother just laughed nervously and ignored it. No discipline was meted out at all. This exchange happened just as I approached the check-out lane and I was tempted to tell the girl she ought to have a little respect for her mother, but I figured it wasn't worth the effort since the mother didn't apparently care that she was being treated that way. I'm guessing this kid hasn't had much discipline or many boundaries set. That sort of disrespectful behavior could easily be nipped in the bud with toddlers. I guess I'm old-fashioned or perhaps it comes from some of my background with animal behavior, but *someone* has to be the parent/leader. Yes, it's good to be your child's friend and confidant, but sometimes you have to set boundaries and limits and be the adult. I wonder how much this particular mother complains about how awful her child has behaved in the past and blames the child for being "wild" or "independent". I'm not at all against independence in kids. I'm pretty darned strong-willed and independent myself, but there's a time and a place for that. Flicking a parent in the nose when you don't get your way isn't the time, place or method for exerting your independence. That is, however, a lovely indication of incredible immaturity and a bratty personality, IMO.


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