Apple Pie is *definitely* fruit!

I said so. I ate two pieces every night for dinner for 3 days running. It was yummy. I figured it really wasn't horrible calorie-wise since all I ate was the pie and nothing else, probably around 600-700 calories total. Of course, I haven't eaten much in the way of veggies in the past week, so that's not so good.

Holiday Weekend
Well, I'm going to have a different weekend than usual, but not exactly a holiday. There are approx 1000 New Orleans evacuees headed to my end of the state. The first trainload arrives around midnight. Half of that group will end up at our shelter. Our second arrival group is scheduled to arrive on Monday morning and will be put up at the second shelter. The shelters will be open at least two weeks. The details are shaky and highly changeable, which is to be expected given all the variables that affect arrival time, etc. I hit the ground running in the morning with an operations conference call, then take over the command post for a 12 hour shift. The good news is that this same shelter was open with many of the same people in 2005 following Katrina, so it's not a completely new situation for everybody.

The folks coming on the trains are people who were unable to evacuate on their own, due to lack of funds or other transportation. Given that the majority of the train folks are said to be elderly, I suspect that some of them just can't or won't drive on an Interstate highway any more or haven't got a place to go if they could. I hope they have as easy a trip as possible and that they get settled into the shelter ok. I suspect there will be lots of unhappy, stressed and probably weepy/sad people, but we'll do our best to take care of their needs and ease their worries while they're with us.

I'm hoping my headache goes away soon. It's been following me now for a day and a half. If nothing else, the coffee in the command post ought to drive it away. It will be brewed by either a law enforcement officer or an emergency management agency person, so probably strong enough to melt a spoon. In other words, just the thing to overwhelm a headache and get your world a rockin'. And I'm taking my knitting. I might not have a chance to get anything done, but I did knit a sock while I was hanging out in New Orleans in 2005. Heck, one of my co-workers said she knit most of a wrap while at the Katrina shelter. If I don't get a chance to knit, fine, but if I do, that's even better!


Stefaneener said…
Oh, honey. Maybe it will help YOU to be helping these folks right now.

You know my theories about your state and work. My spouse said almost the same things for two years, and then we came out to Houses Cost A Lot, CA, and have been very happy, jobwise, since then. . .

Just sayin'.

Also, I found an apple tree that no one is harvesting from (poor thing needs pruning, too) and mean to ask the residents if I can gather some bags full and make pie and applesauce.
Twitchh said…
Gooooooo, Morenna!

If anybody can do a totally kick-bahookie job of this stuff, it's you. w00t!

Run with it!

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