Totally Cool!

I saw a totally cool thing this morning at the gym. I'd never really given much thought to blind people and working out, but a blind guy showed up at the gym this morning. The trainer on duty helped him get set up on a treadmill just as I was headed to the shower and when I left for work, he was walking away just like everybody else. It's just about the perfect workout activity for someone that's vision impaired--there are no obstacles to stumble over and the surface is uniformly smooth; if you get stuck or in trouble, just pull the emergency thing clipped to you and the treadmill stops; when you're done working out, you know exactly where you're at (as opposed to having to figure out where on a track you are during a partial lap). The control panel is perfectly smooth (as opposed to having Braille buttons or other texture to show where the buttons are), but there's always a trainer in the gym to help out so that shouldn't be any trouble at all. I hope he continues to come to the gym.

I figured out a mystery this morning as I was getting out of bed at 5:15. In the past, I always complained about "bed suck", which is that property that your bed has that keeps you from being able to get up. Since I started heading over to the gym to workout "with" a co-worker, I've discovered that I even get up on the days that my co-worker can't make it. I wake up, ask myself if I'm too tired to workout and then get up. There is no whining about being tired. There are no excuses being made so that I can stay in bed. I just get up. No excuses. No whining. Just do it, to borrow an apropos phrase.

Oddly enough, the "just do it"/no complaining attitude is oozing over into other parts of my life. I don't make excuses to not do the not-so-fun parts of my job, I just do them. I make a list of what needs to be done, prioritize it and then work on it until the list is done. At the end of the day, the remaining tasks are transferred to the next day and re-prioritized if necessary. I'm much more productive than I was a few weeks ago and that feels great. I've also got more energy to look for new tasks/jobs/things to learn, which comes in handy when there are slow periods. Now I just need to expand this attitudinal change to my chores around the house, particularly the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded and put away. :-)


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