I had high hopes for today. It started reasonably well. I woke up early, feeling rested and no longer aggravated. I caught up on e-mail, then headed over to the gym where I had a good workout. After the gym, I stopped by the GoodWill store and found two sweaters (one wool and one cashmere) which I'll unravel for shawl yarn. Got home, mowed the yard, picked tomatoes and got started on the backlog of website updates. That's where things started to go downhill.

I discovered last week that there's a problem with the directories and I can't save edited files. I let the sys admin know and he increased the directory size limit. I still can't save files. My co-webmaster is able to save files just fine, so we deduced that the problem is with my home directory. So I set about deleting more personal files. It still didn't reduce my directory size very much. I have now deleted all of my personal files except for one 1767KB image. I'm still over quota. I don't get it. I understand that I don't get to use my entire quota and that there is overhead, but overhead that exceeds the actual quota?! What frustrates me even more is that I haven't added any files to my personal directory in months, but now I'm suddenly over quota? Sounds fishy to me. But the end result is that I've got about 2 dozen website updates to make and a class schedule to change that I cannot get to and people are starting to make 2nd requests. Grrrrrr.

Here's hoping I can calm down by knitting and not snap a needle or anything. Right now I really want to beat something to a pulp. Good thing the server is in a different state.


Twitchh said…
Inflatable Hammer!

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