A Job I Do Not Want

Here is a photo of a telecom tower near the library. When I exited the library today, I heard a clanging sound that seemed to be coming from over by the tower. At first I thought it was something around the loading dock at the bottom of the tower, but my ears kept telling me the sound was coming from up above me. Sure enough, when I looked really hard, I could see two people on top of the tower. One of them was apparently beating on the large cone thingie on the top level. The other one moved between the banging guy and something sitting on the floor of the top level. The two people both had on hard hats, so I presume they actually were supposed to be on the tower.

This is not a job I would be very interested in doing. It's not that I'm afraid of heights, it's that I really dislike falling and I really really dislike standing on surfaces which are not solid. I would really hate to be up there on a windy day, especially if was windy enough for the tower to sway. I don't much care for standing on wobbly things either. Inside a tall building that is swaying is ok. Standing on something with grates or out in the open which is swaying is not my cup of tea.

Today's Complaining Score
I remembered to wear my bracelet today. I did quite well, I think. I only complained between 5 and 8 times (a few things I wasn't sure if they counted as complaints) and that was relatively late in the afternoon. I returned the ComplaintFree book to the library. I may go see if I can find it at the bookstore on Saturday.

Last night when I went to bed, I told myself that I would sleep well and awake refreshed. Despite having only 5 hours of sleep and needing to go in to work early, this worked very well. I also repeated several times to myself that I was going to have a positive day. At least one person at work today said I was in a good mood. All in all, I was quite pleased.

The only observation I have about having an actively positive approach to everything is that I had a weird dream last night. I'm not entirely certain of the plot, but I somehow ended up being driven somewhere in a car with Anthony Bourdain. I really expected there to be food involved, since Mr. Bourdain is a chef and has a TV show all about traveling around trying different food. Alas, there was no food, but that may have been because I woke up before the car got to the food destination. The waking up was apparently caused by smooching with Mr. Bourdain. I find his show and books entertaining, but I wouldn't say I ever wanted to kiss him. Weird. I hope this episode of weirdness was not caused by positively thinking that I would sleep well and wake refreshed. I'll try it again tonight and see what happens.

Today's Exercise Score
Now, this was a whole lot less good than the complaining score. I went in to work early and left late. I also went to the library after work. I ended up not really working out. I did a cursory weight workout, but nothing as comprehensive or strenuous as the usual DVD weight workout. I didn't just come home and park my bahookie in a chair, but I didn't really work out either. Better than nothing, but not optimal. Nonetheless, I'm not beating myself up over it. I'm allowed to have a couple days of light workouts. Tomorrow and this weekend I'll get back at it. This will give me a good opportunity to practice working out on the weekends and figure out a weekend workout schedule.

Spring Flowers

Things are blooming everywhere. My Bradford pear tree is nearly done blooming. You can really tell where the tree was freeze damaged last spring. I trimmed off the dead wood that I could reach without a ladder. I will definitely need to do more trimming. If the weather cooperates, this weekend would be a good time to do that. Once the tree fully leafs out, it will be harder to see what to trim, I think. There is just enough leaf growth now to identify the live from the dead areas, but not so much to obscure.

The apple tree hasn't leafed out at all, but the pear and peach trees bloomed this week. I also have a couple of daffodils blooming and one iris that decided to get in on the fun. This weekend will definitely be a yardwork weekend. There is much to do and it's been a long time since I got dirt under my nails.


Stefaneener said…
I remember Slim Sideways State as being a haven for cell phone towers. Guess someone has to climb them.

The flowers look lovely. I'll have to check out the complaining book. No one needs less positive thinking!

And I'm on the exercise bandwagon too. Guess I'll be trying to keep up with you.

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