Yeah, OK, so that didn't work

I really was going to not watch TV until Sunday. And yet I'm watching The Kid on the ABC Family channel. Bruce Willis is being driven insane by his 8 year old self, played by Spencer Breslin. I'm also cleaning out the last three desk drawers in the living room, so I feel I'm at least a little justified in having background noise. I could use an audiobook as background noise, but I don't feel like being edumacated this morning or listening to H.P. Lovecraft stories. So there. Besides, it's fun saying the dialogue along with Spencer and it feels good to make the veins in Bruce's head throb as his blood pressure spikes.

The Weekend Plan

The gardening calendar says I'm supposed to fertilize the trees and prune the boxwood. The high temp today is expected to be just over 60 and tomorrow it might make 70. I figure I will wait until this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon for the outdoor work. I might get the motorcycle out tomorrow too, if I think it will run reliably. The last thing I need to do is have to push it back home on a narrow country road. It didn't behave completely well when I started it up last weekend to keep the battery charged. What it probably needs is a tune-up, but I haven't got a way to get the bike to the shop and then get home. Someone else in the neighborhood is starting up their bike too. I can hear it....

But there are other tasks to do first. Like fold the mountain of clean clothes from last week and
I have avoided going to the grocery store this morning, mostly because I don't want to get out of my pajamas. I also don't really need to get anything from the store, except perhaps some fresh fruit. I think I'll just head over to the vegetable store at lunch time on Monday. So today may just end up being a fuzzy pants sort of day. I will have to workout later though, so eventually I'll end up getting dressed. But first I'll continue my "throw things away" kick. I've got a couple of blog essays to write too, including one on spam and spoofing.


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