A Most Relaxing Sunday

I slept later than I really wanted, but I did have a productive day anyway. For starters, I didn't hang out in the PJs most of the day. I got straight into the shower, had breakfast while catching up on e-mail and then got up from the desk when my cereal was done, instead of hanging out killing wasting time.

As a result, I can happily report that I have accomplished the following: fertilized trees and shrubs, pruned the boxwood shrub, washed the car and motorcycle, cooked a pot of black bean chili, raked leaves out of the side yard and folded half of last week's laundry. I also had an hour long motorcycle ride. It was a bit windy, but it felt good to get out in the sun and warm. It felt even better after I put air in my tires. When the pressure is supposed to be 32-34 and 40 psi for the front and rear tires, respectively, having only 15 psi in each is, shall we say, sub-optimal. This also explains why the bike didn't really roll easily backward out of the garage. It felt squishy and sluggish. Next time I get the bike out and get it good and warmed up, I also need to lube the chain. I completely forgot to do that today. I thought about it during the ride, but spaced it by the time I got back to the house and started washing it.

Now I am ensconced in my new blogging/writing corner, looking out the window. I have put a sling-type lawn chair in the corner of my bedroom by the window so I can sit and read or write while looking out the window. There is a peaceful view of the backyard, including the bird feeder on the corner of the deck. I will probably build myself a second "end table" like I have in the living room so there is somewhere to put one of the plants and my beverage of choice. I can see myself sitting here quite a lot throughout the spring.

Yardwork Plans
While out on my ride today, I saw a lot of blooming daffodils and jonquils. I thought I had a couple of daffodils at the front of the house, but apparently I imagined them or else they failed to come up this year. Critters and bugs could have certainly eaten them. I did find a single hyacinth blooming. I desperately need to plan out the front flower bed and get it all sorted out. When I dug things up last year, I found a bunch of calla lily bulbs. They didn't do very well last year and they didn't seem to really work well in with the rest of the plantings in that bed. I suppose it's time to hit the library for landscaping/garden books and look for some ideas. The whole bed last year was just messy and disordered.

I also pondered the border of holly bushes I have around my deck. The bird feeder is over one corner of the border, which results in a LOT of sunflower seed hulls on the ground. This is a great mulch, but doesn't do much for the shrubs or the grass next to it. If I were to expand the border bed into a wide rounded corner, I'd still have to take into account the sunflower seed hulls. I am considering taking out the shrubs at least at that corner and making a circular area filled with pea gravel. I also need to round the corner by the house, since I can't get the mower to make a 90 degree turn at the corner where the deck meets the house. I suppose I could move one of the rose bushes into that area. Speaking of moving shrubs, I will have to dig up the Rose of Sharon seedlings and get them set out in their final locations this spring. Otherwise, I'm afraid they'll get too big and/or grow together.


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