SNOW!!!! We have SNOW!!

No, really. It's actually snowing. It started about 3pm and really started to pick up the pace about 4pm. Schools let out at 2pm. I swept the snow off of a couple co-worker's cars since I had a snowbrush/scraper. It also gave me the chance to clear the snow off their headlights and tail lights since lots of people even in snowy climes fail to do that.

I debated going to the store tonight to pick up the oatmeal and orange juice I didn't buy yesterday. Traffic was fairly light, but I decided to just head straight home. I was afraid that the 5pm traffic levels would be a problem with wet roads. I may have been a bit overly cautious but I can always go to town in the morning after the snow has ended.

So tonight I am knitting and watching DVDs or listening to audiobooks while I drink hot chocolate. The locals were lining up at the snack bar, waiting for me to put out seed after work. The cardinal looks awfully important all puffed up like that, doesn't he?


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