To Paint or Not To Paint

Well, mostly not painting. I have at least sanded down the areas that I patched. There are a couple areas that need a bit more work. One of the towel racks was put up on the wall when the paint was wet so I tore some of the paint/paper off the drywall when I took it down. Grrrrr. That area needs some patch work still. I'm not sure it will ever look completely smooth, but it will certainly look better than it did. I spent most of the day knitting instead. I am pleased to report that I finished the socks I started last week. Yay!

Sun-dried Tomatoes
I made the sun-dried tomato spread. It's not quite as intensely flavored as I remember the commercial stuff being, but it is still pretty good. I might stir in a bit of tomato paste for an extra tomato punch. Nonetheless, it was a tasty addition to my hummus wrap today.

Sunday Update: Still not painting. I have, however, figured my taxes. That took about 30 minutes, if you include the time it took me to print forms and find the instruction book. Oh, for the days when I could file with 1040EZ.... I suppose I could still use the 1040EZ but then I'd have give up deducting my mortgage and student loan interest. Not gonna go there.


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