Making Progress!

I worked out either 5 or 6 days last week. I also worked out last night and tonight. After only one week, I'm now able to get the whole way through the strength training DVD without stopping and I got through all the reps without hitting muscle fatigue. Yay! Tonight I still didn't get all the way through the cardio DVD, but I got closer than I did last week and the yoga part was less difficult.

This evening I'm watching The Rat Race , starring Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds. The story isn't particularly happy or original, but I really like the bartender and the land lady characters, played by Jack Oakie and Kay Medford, respectively.

Weather Update:

Today the temperature was in the 70s. It started in the lower 40s. I was tempted to goof off outdoors, but I stuck with the workout plan since I had the energy. The neighbor boys were out on their dirt bike track. I was surprised to see them kicking up dust given the snow just a few days ago. Maybe they raked/graded the track to help it dry faster. I don't think my garden or flower beds are quite yet dry enough to work.


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