Three Weeks....

I have now consistently worked out at least 5 days a week for the past three weeks. I have managed to lose about an inch off my hips and my waist, plus a couple inches off the bust. I see more muscles in my legs and much improved definition in my arms. I've got a long way to go, but I see progress, which makes me much more likely to keep going. I'm now much more motivated to workout even on weekends. I've decided that the target rest day will be Saturday. Sundays are much more laid back for me and working out on Sunday evening is a nice close to the weekend. I actually got in a bit of a workout last night. Not a full weight workout, but better than nothing at all.

Workplace Wellness Screening
Speaking of three weeks, I have just over three weeks before my blood lipid screening. Since I can manage the working out thing, I figure I can manage the eating better thing too. I've been tracking what I eat, which helps me pay attention to what I eat. Now I'll focus more on lowering my fat and sodium intakes, while increasing my fruit and veggie intakes. I'd like to have a total cholesterol number below 150 and a total triglycerides below 150. With a low-fat diet, that ought to be quite doable. I don't think I've ever had a lipid panel done before, so I don't know where I'm starting at. Wherever it is, I bet I can get them to drop between now and the screening in April.

I remembered my bracelet today. I didn't go complaint free, though I did manage to not say anything negative when a co-worker joked about how she was going to drag me to church this week (and had been wanting to do so since I started working at the office). Of course, what we're doing is a site visit at a church, not going to a service. She claims that she was joking about the church thing, and she may have been, but I suspect there was at least some truth to the statement. I will try to remain serene if the subject about my not going to her church comes up again, but it may be difficult to calmly say that I don't believe that discussion of religious beliefs has any place at work. I don't question their choices or beliefs at work, I would prefer that people not make assumptions about mine.

In case you're wondering, yes, the creatures did come out of the forest (they were woodwights) and helped some other humans burn a couple of villages and take over at least one castle, killing the thanes and taking the survivors of the ruling family as prisoners. It's not clear if the other thanes will come to the rescue or if they will be selfish and let the captured lands fall to the "bad people". In any event, the book got good. Now I have to race through it since I think it's due back this week and I don't know if I have any renewals left on it.


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