Grounding and Centering

I had a somewhat aggravating/frustrating interaction with some co-workers today. What's intriguing me now is that I can't decide if I'm more aggravated about today's events or by the fact that today's events actually aggravated me. Until this week I was doing wonderfully about not letting things bug me. I think the stress of the data quest with our investigation has upset my balance and contributed to my lack of resistance to aggravation. Sounds like I need a weekend of grounding and centering. I'll see if I can fit that in around the vacuuming, laundry, exercise and sock knitting. Maybe cooking or baking something will help me feel better.

Complaint-Free World
Of course, today's aggravation comes in the week after I start reading the book "Complaint-Free World" and attempt to go 21 days without complaining, whinging or criticizing. Needless today, today was not a complaint-free day. I didn't even get it down to under 12 complaints today. Starting over tomorrow. I'll wear the bracelet and flip it over each time I complain.


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