Well, that wasn't so bad....

The office holiday lunch went well. There were vegetarian things to eat, including some delicious eggplant parmesan and two pasta salads. The green beans were a bit salty, having been apparently cooked in a generous amount of soy sauce. I didn't get a chance to try the peach cobbler, but it looked like it was made from canned peaches or canned peach filling but with no spices so I might not have missed much. (Though several people said it was quite tasty.) The clinic doc once again picked up the tab.

The clinic staff decided doc can't dress himself and bought him some shoes, a shirt, jeans and a belt. He likes the shoes and immediately put them on, which was immediately met with derision since they didn't "match" the clothes he was already wearing. He offered to drop his pants and put on the jeans, which shut them up for a bit. Next they'll be parading women past so he'll hurry up and get married, despite him saying that he's rather happy being a contented single man. You'd think it was impossible to be happy or contented without being married. Then again, it also appears to be acceptable to get married just to have someone who will cook/clean for you. I'd hoped that the women here would be a bit more in touch with the modern world, but apparently not. o.O

In Other News....

The Spinners', Weavers' and Knitters' Housecleaning Pages website is shutting down in February. The owner of the site is burned out and didn't get the financial assistance she needed to keep the site running. A member of one of the Yahoogroups weaving lists is hoping to keep it going at a different site and I've volunteered to help with the technical end. With any luck, the site owner will share her files and we can just migrate and redesign the site before relaunching it on a new server. We could start from scratch, but that would make things more difficult and time consuming. So, if things go well, I could end up providing website support for both the Antique Pattern Library and the Housecleaning Pages.

Next step: to start bringing in some paying webdev/maintenance jobs. :o)


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