A Rather Odd Impulse Purchase

Insulation. Yes, you read that right. I decided on a whim to purchase insulation for the attic. I picked up two bundles of faced R-30 batts for the area over the garage which has zip-doody-bupkis for insulation. (In case you're wondering, zip-doody-bupkis has an R-value of zero.) I got 3 1/2 joist sections out of two bundles and I have ten sections left to go. So 6 more bundles and I'll be finished. I can fit two bundles into my car at a time and avoid the delivery charges as well. I can get away with two rolls of unfaced batting for the already insulated area, I think. That should cover up the thin areas pretty well. Having read up on installing insulation over existing insulation on the Owens-Corning website, I've decided that I will rake the insulation out so that it is mostly level and then put the batting down over the top. I will have to do something about the bathroom fans venting into the attic/insulation before I put the insulation down though. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised the fans don't vent to the outside.

Dinner Dinner!
It's Sunday, so I'm having pizza. This week it's just plain cheese pizza with lots of oregano, basil and crushed red peppers. It'll last me the rest of the week for dinner. I also roasted the last of the summer's tomatoes. I fixed a pot of bean soup yesterday so I have soup for lunch all week. I'll have to come up with some plan for meals after next weekend and actually make a grocery list. At the moment I'm completely winging it from the veggies I have on hand, though that's working quite well so far. I can always fall back on pasta and marinara sauce if nothing else.

A New Routine
After finishing up the holiday shopping for this year, I headed over to Perkins with my laptop for a bit of lunch. I had noticed last week that a banner advertised the Perkins as a wi-fi hotspot and thought I'd give it a try. It works like a charm. The staff even know which tables have outlets near them for folks who need power. I went with a full battery and didn't bother with asking for a powered table, though next time I will ask for one. I had a pot of decaf coffee, some hash browns and a short stack of pancakes. I tried the fruit/berry syrup and it was pretty tasty. I did get some work done on the revision of the Antique Pattern Library website. You can see the existing site here and the new site here.

I think I'll make the Perkins breakfast/brunch a regular thing, even if I don't quite get there every weekend. I can have breakfast early in the morning and get some web work done, then go run my regular errands and be back at the house by lunchtime and before the stores get really busy. This ought to get me up and going, but not allow me to get sucked into reading e-mail in my PJs and getting a late start on the weekend.


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