Bad iTunes! No biscuit!!

iTunes ate my playlists and my right shoulder got all kinds of pissed off yesterday from the data entry stuff. I am becoming increasingly convinced that the whole data entry thing I'm doing is pointless. Yes, it's good to have the information in the computer, but spending hours to compile missing data requests are wasted. I've sent out one nearly every month and they seem to get ignored. I asked for a couple of lists of information that they should already have prepared at the beginning of the week and haven't heard a thing. Supervisor suggested giving them a deadline and then we'll go down there and get the information from them. I am incredibly tired of this going around in circles doing what amounts to busywork. (If we actually got results, it wouldn't feel like busywork, but we're getting next to nothing.) Fortunately I will have five days off from work here shortly. Perhaps when I return my frustration level will be back to a manageable level.

In the meantime, I need to practice not saying anything unless I can say something nice and probably ought to mostly practice biting my tongue anyway.


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