Forgettable Week Continues

I was good on Thursday and remembered everything I needed to remember, as far as I know. On Friday, I left my lunch at home. *sigh*

Friday itself was fairly forgettable. It was apparently a "hang out at work and gossip" day. I was trying desperately to get a list of missing data produced for the prison, so was nose to the grindstone. I did at least get asked why I wasn't participating. I did NOT say it was because I didn't care to join in a discussion over the proper frequency of leg shaving. I replied that I had work to do and went back to it. It was mildly annoying when the loudness of the gossip peaked when I was on a business phone call trying to sort out some software issues, but I got through it.

I'm trying to not get grumpy about the Christmas music and the apparently mandatory Christmas gift donations. It's funny that I'm not allowed to sign the gift cards that go to some gifts because I don't work for the communicable disease clinic, but I'm expected to contribute money to the gifts themselves.

Speaking of Holiday Gifts....
I need to get the last of my gifts taken care of tomorrow. I will need to mail gifts next weekend, for those gifts I cannot deliver in person. Probably ought to get my baking planned too. There is a "lunch" at work for which everybody has been asked to bring snacks or sweets. I figure I'll take a tray of homemade cookies, since I'm baking cookies to ship anyway. The cookie menu this year will include: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-peanut butter chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, gingerbread, anise seed biscotti, lemon clove cookies, Russian teacakes and possibly coconut macaroons. If I get creative or bored or have more time than I think I have, the list may grow.

Why I Might Be Tired....
Today I mowed my lawn. (It needed it since the bluegrass/fescue areas are still growing. I also wanted to munch up the leaves.) I also burned off the garden, except for the lettuce area which is still producing plenty of romaine each week, and collected about 2 gallons of acorns from my favorite oak tree. It's a apparently a very good year for lettuce and acorns. I'm going to plant a lot of the acorns in the poison ivy corner and once I get seedlings that are of good size, I'll transplant them to their final locations. I'd like to add a dozen trees to my yard, though this is about the slowest possible way I could accomplish that. I also washed the lawn mower thoroughly, treated two house plants for insect and mold problems, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and did my weekly grocery shopping. I'm going to try to sleep late tomorrow morning, but I suspect I'll be wide awake by 6:30 just like I was this morning. That's ok. I've got plenty of things to do tomorrow too.


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