Another Weekend Arrives

If things go well, I should spend an hour or two in the attic laying insulation tomorrow. I'll make an early trip in to Lowe's to pick up two more bundles of insulation. Hopefully it won't be raining. I also need to get to the post office.

Today was the office holiday party. I took a big tray of homemade cookies. Everybody said "Yummy!" and exactly none of them were eaten. :-(

I was also reminded that I'm really not part of the group of folks working where my cube is located. Apparently what matters most is not where I physically work on a daily basis or with whom, but what the organization chart says. Because of that attitude, which I discovered about a month and a half ago, I have decided to not contribute to the clinic staff Christmas gifts. I would rather not be in the position where all I'm actually wanted for is money. (I actually wasn't allowed to contribute to the clinic director's birthday gift and was told it was just for people who worked for the director. Perhaps that's their approach this time too. I'm not going to ask.) I don't get it. You'd think since we work together on a daily basis that this wouldn't be a problem, but apparently it is. I guess since I'm not a nurse, have way too much education, and am not a local that there's something wrong with me? I don't know.

I suppose I ought to finish wrapping presents. To do this easily, I need to clean off the kitchen table so I have a surface on which to wrap. Otherwise, I'll be kneeling on the carpeted floor and trying to wrap things. This doesn't work very well on top of being awkward. Once I get things wrapped, I'm done with gifts, if I recall correctly.

Movie Weekend
TNT is showing all three Lord of the Rings movies this weekend. Of course, they're in full screen format, they're edited for time and they're not the extended versions, but it's a good thing to have in the background while knitting. It could be a whole lot worse.


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