E-mail Client Aggravation

I have given up on using Eudora. After updating my OS to service pack 2, I began to experience fatal exception errors and crashes with Eudora 7.0.xx. I figured upgrading to Eudora 7.1 would fix that. It didn't and in the process of upgrading, Eudora failed to actually move the current mail files, filters and address book over to the new version. Needless to say this annoyed me. In addition to not fixing the fatal exception errors, I also discovered that Qualcomm is no longer supporting Eudora although Mozilla is working on an open source version of Eudora.

So since the current version of Eudora doesn't work properly for me, I decided to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. Got the latest version downloaded and installed. When it asked if I wanted import my files/settings, I said yes and expected to be asked to specify which directories were the source. I wasn't. Thunderbird decided for me which mail files I wanted. It chose....poorly. It pulled messages out of an archive directory and now I only have access to e-mail messages from 2003-2005, which will make replying to last week's messages a bit tricky. I also can't find the current stuff or my address book or the mail filters.

Not an ideal situation, but workable. So I set to work getting account information loaded, re-arranging e-mail into appropriate folders and deleting a whole lot of junk. I saved the information (the only options are to click "ok" or "cancel", so presumably "ok" saves the settings). I ended up re-starting the computer due to other updates and fired up Thunderbird again. And was asked if I wanted to import my mail information again. None of that information I had put in there earlier (which took about 2 hours all told) had been saved.

Needless to say this is not making me very happy. I got pissed off enough I felt the need to go shopping. In the rain. One week before Christmas. So I picked up another two bundles of insulation. I even got it installed, which has thoroughly pissed off my right shoulder/humerus. Just one more bundle of flat, faced bats and I'll be done, except for the 24" wide segment. I'll look into what unfaced 24" insulation costs over the next week and overlay the mashed down parts of the blown insulation. I hope this whole exercise will result in some energy savings with my heating/cooling bills. The tax rebate will certainly be good.



Now I'm hungry and I really need to get the knitting started for the day. I've got eleven days left and about 120 rows of knitting to do. It's a good thing there are good movies on this afternoon and that it's too cold/wet to do anything fun outside.


Twitchh said…
Very nice job with the insulation, morenna! Well done!
KW Taylor said…
I've finally caved and switched my email client for the first time in 15 years. Yes, I've actually been using the same client (and the same version, Claris Emailer v2.03 using Mac OS 9) for all these years. And while I still believe Emailer to be the most elegant, intuitive program for composing, reading, sorting and storing email, it can't negotiate the necessary security protocols to communicate with most present day POP3 mail servers. Damn! I'm missing Emailer already. In the mean time, I'm learning to hobble along running the portable version of Thunderbird off of a USB drive. That allows me to easily move between my laptop and desktop. I know, I know, IMAP might be a better option, but I never completely trust anyone else’s servers.

If you think you had conversion woes... Actually it was just time consuming. I had to boot-up an older version of OS 10.3 on a secondary drive since that version of Apple Mail stores mail in the mbox format. Then I imported (directly) my old Emailer database into the 10.3 version of Mail. I then set-up my accounts in Portable Thunderbird. I then had to manually copy each separate folder’s mbox, paste it into the appropriate Thunderbird folder and rename the mbox. (Mail names every mailbox file “mbox”, but then stores it inside separate folders named “xxx.mbox”)

In the end, my new system seems to be working well. I did lose some minor meta-data on each individual message, but nothing I can’t get from the text of the message itself. And if people are going to insist on sending HTML mail (they need to stop that, really), at least I no longer launch my web browser to read it.

Good luck with your switch!

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