Another Good Idea Spawned...

Of course, it wasn't an idea directed at me or my life, but at someone else's. Taitano posted to the UserFriendly board about his knack for tracking down good restaurants. I asked him if he was available for hire. Turns out that he's not. Yet. He's decided he needs to go into business once he graduates and gave me credit for the idea. w00t! I hope it worked out for him.

Now, to work up some of the ideas I've been accumulating in my little red book. Speaking of books, I need to find another one. My current little red book is nearly full! I'm not entirely certain where I got my little red book, but it was probably the UI bookstore. It's a 3x5" Clairefontaine clothbound notebook with ruled pages.

Amazingly Productive

For some reason I woke up early today. I even got out of bed and through the shower pretty early. Had breakfast at Perkins and started to work on some website stuff, but the connection was rather slow and then the restaurant got busy. I didn't want to hog the table so I headed over to the bookstore. I had intended to keep working on the websites, but the bookstore cafe doesn't have wi-fi and I was unable to get a network address assigned by the private network I hacked into. (Note to the public: change the default passwords on your routers and people will be less likely to steal your bandwidth.)

Once I got home, I wrapped all the presents I have to wrap, replaced the two burned out light bulbs in the garage, vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen and rearranged the plants. I need to add a plant light to the top of the bookshelf or I fear the Boston ferns won't get enough light to survive the winter. Now I'll make a pot of hot tea and curl up with my knitting. I'm hoping to get 1 1/2-2 inches finished on the Spiderman Hat.

Other than packing and getting the oil changed in my car, I'm all set for the trip north. I've decided to wait on getting tires until after the new year. I've got enough tread to do that safely.

Now I need to quit procrastinating and get knitting!


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