Well, this could be interesting....

I was informed today that the presentation about our TB outbreak at a statewide meeting will be done as a skit. A *skit*. At a professional meeting. This might have something to do with why our office doesn't get taken seriously and why we don't get asked to make presentations like this very often. It is absolutely possible to make an entertaining, yet professional presentation. If this was a talent show or a social event, sure. Not at a professional meeting. I sincerely hope I just missed a joke somehow.

Whacking the Weeds
Why is it that a weed whacker manages to completely coat you with grass/weed trimmings? I don't even lift the silly trimmer head up. Somehow the act of using plastic string to cut the grass/weeds creates some sort of static electric field whereby the grass/weed bits are caused to affix themselves to your shoes and clothes with 100% affinity. I'm really curious how they manage to get in my clothes.

Should get some yard work finished up if it doesn't rain. The poison ivy is starting to sprout again so I'll mix up some more roundup and kill it off. Before I mow the yard and plant the last of the shrubbery. Maybe in a month or so I'll get the pool opened up. I'm tempted to leave it closed since I'm not much of a pool person, but I reckon that might do bad things to the pool.


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