Preakness Day

Let's hope this is not a sign of things to come..... Mending Fences was euthanized after breaking down in the Dixie Stakes, one of the undercard races at Pimlico today. His jockey and the jockey of Einstein, who stumbled over Mending Fences but didn't fall himself, are both uninjured.

On a much happier note, earlier today the first running of the Barbaro Stakes (formerly the Sir Barton Stakes) was won by Chelokee, who is trained by Michael Matz. Mr. Matz was also Barbaro's trainer. He was very emotional when talking about it. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Barbaro's owners, presented the winner's trophy.

Quote of the Day:
"This is the most greatest moment of my life."--Calvin Borel just minutes after winning the Kentucky Derby.

Mr. Borel received six hours notice that he would be attending a State Dinner with the President of the US and the Queen of England. He and his fiance were flown to DC. A local mall/clothing store was opened so his fiance could get a dress. White tie attire was obtained for Mr. Borel. His fiance read him a book on protocol and they both were given last minute instruction. He says it was the darndest thing he'd ever been to. I'd bet he never dreamed he'd ever attend a State Dinner.

Yesterday's horoscope:
"You're not the type to bob about in the sea. Don't worry. You'll find your anchor soon enough, though probably not before you've written the definitive "how-to" guide on floating."


Preakness Stakes
Curlin outran Street Sense at the last few jumps. Once Street Sense got to the lead and was coming down the stretch, he backed off a bit. It could have been the noise of the crowd that got him put off a bit. Curlin sure dug back in after he got passed in the stretch. It's very rare for a horse that is passed to come back like that and end up winning the race. There's something to be said for a ticked off, stubborn horse. Some horses really HATE getting passed, but will just loaf along until someone else comes up alongside them. Once the challenge is there, they get all sorts of fired up.

Not Quite Black-Eyed Susans
(That's the flower associated with the Preakness Stakes)
But here's a picture of my coreopsis in bloom.


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