Today's Quote of the Day:
"The problem with science is that it's too 'science-y'."
I have no idea what that means. It's from the author of a new book bemoaning the fact that we aren't living in the high tech society described in the World's Fair predictions of the 1950s. We don't have household robotics. I guess there are other things he thought we should have so he's now unhappy. I guess because science hasn't moved quite fast enough, there's a problem. I think science probably hasn't moved as fast as expected in some areas and has moved an order of magnitude faster in other areas.

Weekend Progress:
I have watered the garden, baked cookies (peanut butter chocolate chip), paid the bills, washed half of a sheep's fleece, cleaned up my fiber room, started prepping a fleece for when my drum carder arrives on Monday and sorted through all the boxes of miscellaneous computer parts (anybody need a 56K modem? I have three of them). I'm now going through the six boxes of paperwork from my PhD. Oddly enough, I found a folder of research articles collected under the title "produce and foodborne outbreaks". Funny how the rest of the world is catching on to that just in the past couple of years. Today I'll start with doing laundry, get some housecleaning out of the way and get back to reducing the detritus.

Backyard Bug
I don't know what it is, but it's *huge*. It also had a lot of trouble walking through the grass. It was too big to actually get down to the ground surface and fit underneath or between the grass/weed stems. So it had to go over the lawn surface, which really is quite rough and seemed to be quite a struggle finding things to step on. I don't know if he's ordinarily a lawn bug or if he's usually found in other settings. I think he'd be better suited in a less vegetated environment.


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