I'm not being quiet. I'm *working*!

It seems to confuse my coworkers that I tend to stay in my cube 90% of the day and work, instead of standing around gossiping in the hallway. I limit my socializing to the first 15-20 minutes in the morning, perhaps another 10-15 minutes in the afternoon and sometimes at lunch. Normally I read a book at lunch and don't engage in the often snarky gossiping about people I don't actually know. Question: Just what is the point of spreading more negativity around the world? I don't understand that.

I am in this job to do work, not to stand around and gossip. I like to put in at least 7 hours a day of actual work while in my 7.5 hour day at work. Is that so difficult to understand? Two people said I was being too quiet. I didn't have any response to that. I was actually talking to myself while I was working, so it's not like I was completely silent. I just kept hammering away at the computer. Only two more days and then I leave town for the weekend. Tomorrow night I have to pack and get ready to go.

An interesting concept
I chatted with a friend of mine today. I had sent him e-mail letting him know that his phone wasn't accepting voicemail. In the e-mail I commented that either his phone was being difficult or he was out on a hot date and had the phone shut off. He seemed confused by the comment that he might be out on a hot date since he has a fiancee. Technically, I don't think that having a fiancee excludes one from having hot dates. It does rather limit the choice of persons with whom you go on a date, but then again you're pretty sure that the person is pretty likely to agree to go out with you. So it's not all bad, now is it?


Stefaneener said…
I have been so remiss in reading. You just crack me up. You see, the people in TN don't think like you do. Or at least the people in your office.

Hot dates. Heh heh. I wonder how his fiancee would like his reasoning?

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