Happy Star Wars Day!!!

Long, long ago in a theater not so very far away..... StarWars opened in theaters 30 years ago today. And the world of science fiction and special effects movies changed forever.

Ah, if only my school had actually offered computer courses when I was in high school. It's hard to teach yourself how to do stuff when there are very limited resources. The StarWars movies really got me thinking about what computers could do. Not that I could have done much with the Apple II+ and green screen monitor I had.... Alas, I learned BASIC and FORTRAN, but not much else at the programming end. Oh well, 'tis all water under the bridge now.

TB Resurgence
We picked up two more suspect cases this week and one last week. We're back to a total of seven or eight now. I am going to try and use the new software package on the two isolated cases, just to try and get the hang of the software and appease the powers that be to some extent. I did, after all, promise that we'd consider using the software in the future and the future appears to have arrived.

Holiday Weekend
I got nothing planned. My brain is fried. It's been a long week. I'm really glad that Monday isn't a work day. Mom and Becky are arriving in the morning. I should probably mow the lawn at some point and I'm debating having Mom help me install a ceiling fan in my bedroom. The mice in the attic apparently have returned, so I'm not all that keen on climbing around up there. (I did toss up more bait packets, so perhaps the mouse problem will be declining shortly.)


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