Since when is Friday Grumpy Day?

Apparently I missed the memo about being crabby at work today. We picked up a new TB case. Not a big deal. That brings us back up to 5 (at one point we had 9 confirmed or suspect cases). Then there was some confusion as to whether or not the patient was actually on 4 drug therapy (ethambutol, rifampin, PZA and isoniazid). The nurse handling the investigation got all kinds of bent when she got told he wasn't on drugs. I suggested she wait until Monday. She called around and found out he really was on meds, which made her even more aggravated since now we have to start the investigation. In any event, nothing was going to be done with the investigation today. I really don't understand why she decided to get cranky, then she grumbled because I was filing *her* paperwork in *her* filing cabinet. I guess I'll go in early on Monday and get it done before anybody else arrives or save it for when everybody goes to lunch.

Then in the afternoon, the office decided to take the last two hours off and just sit around gossiping since the boss was gone. I really don't understand that work ethic, especially since folks complain about not having time to get things done. Well, when you blow off 1/4 of the day once or twice a week, that will cut into one's productivity. I stayed in my cube, listening to my iPod and continuing to hammer through more data entry. If I'm going to get my job done without taking work home with me, I don't have any choice but to actually work pretty steadily at work. (With that said, I did spend 20 minutes this morning reading the NY Times and Washington Post. I suppose that could be counted as part of the two fifteen minute breaks the Dept of Labor says I'm entitled to have.)

Anyway, I'm tired of crabby people. Ugh. It takes waaaaay too much energy to be crabby and it never actually changes anything, so why bother?

Watching House....
I'm watching this show for about the third time. I really like House's sense of humor and stubborness. It reminds me of someone I know. I'm also a big fan of Hugh Laurie from watching the Bertie/Jeeves and Black Adder series.

Right now there's a vegan nutritionist (the girlfriend of a patient). She's wearing leather sandals. I'm surprised House hasn't mentioned that yet. Of course, he's just dosed a co-worker with amphetamines in his coffee. It was funny. Is it wrong that I revel in the mayhem generated by imaginary people tormenting other imaginary people? I wonder if that generates bad karma. If it does, surely it would be less bad karma than if I were tormenting people myself.

My Podcast Collection
I have become a podcast junkie. My hard drive is full. I went through the collection last night and eliminated the detritus. I now have only 900 episodes on my hard drive. I download about 30 episodes a week. I think I'll have to find a way to carry my iPod around the house and listen to the various lectures I've got downloaded, then delete them off the computer. I suppose I ought to go get that big HD again, even if I don't upgrade the rest of my machine this year. Otherwise I won't be able to keep stockpiling my fix of knowledge. For some reason I seem to only download educational podcasts.

Defense Contractors...
There's a Homeland Security gig in DC for which I am qualified. It's dealing with biosecurity and agriculture. It's a contract job, but there isn't any mention how long the contract is nor are moving expenses covered. I'm tempted to apply for it, just to see what happens. The NYC Dept of Health is looking for a Director of Syndromic Surveillance Programs. No moving expenses paid there either and residence in NYC is required. I'm not sure I'd like that. DC or NYC would either be way too crowded, hectic and busy or it would be soothingly chaotic, hectic and busy. I'm not sure the increase in pay would compensate for the increase in cost of living, however. Still, it might be interesting to live in either DC or NYC at least for a brief time, just to say I did it. I certainly wouldn't be able to complain that there wasn't anything to do.

Another Busy Weekend
Tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes. I haven't been keeping up with the Racing Form, so I don't know what the handicappers think of Street Sense this week. I really need to get those silly last four shrubs planted. Then move a couple of the plants in the poison ivy corner to better locations. Weed the vegetables. Get out the weed whacker to trim the edges of the lawn. Wash the car. Finish digging up the front flower bed. Weed the roses. Bake some bread and cookies. Do laundry. Clean the house. That should keep me from getting bored, don't you think? We'll see how far I get past the shrubs, the weeding and the baking. :o)


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