An Odd Question

I just responded to a survey in which I was asked how important financial security is in the event of premature death. I don't know about you, but I figure I won't need financial security if I die early. BECAUSE I'D BE DEAD! I'm not planning on taking it with me when I go.

Bad Goldfinch
On Monday night, a goldfinch flew into my kitchen window. I went out there before it got dark to see if there was a dead bird to deal with, but saw nothing. Tuesday evening, I found a goldfinch with a broken wing huddled next to the steps to the deck. It hops really fast so I wasn't able to catch it or examine it. I just left some birdseed under the deck and a saucer of water. Dang it.

Hilarious Reading
I've been reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. The man pulls no punches when describing life slaving away in commercial kitchens. He describes the clashing personalities, the dubious practices (including why you shouldn't order seafood on Mondays) and what it really is like to be a professional chef. Mr. Bourdain is certainly opinionated, but he's also well-informed, more than willing to expose his own shortcomings/flaws and willing to try new things regardless of his reservations. To top it all off, he writes very well. I laughed my way through lunchtime reading.

Everybody is at Disney :o(
My sister and her family, plus my Mom are at Disney World this week. Mitch is in Anaheim for a Cyber Security conference and is supposed to visit Disney Land tomorrow night. Me? I'm bludgeoning my way through a 4800 line database removing duplicate records. Sigh.... I hope they all get "It's a Small World" stuck in their heads. :o)


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