My Microwave is Broken!

My oatmeal was cold today. Of course, it's been sitting on the counter all day while I was at work. Do you think that had something to do with it?

Friday Fax/Phone Curse Strikes Again!
It's been a couple of weeks since it happened, but at 3:50 this afternoon, the phone rang and we were notified of a new case of active TB. TB Doc told me that I had to go home before we found another case of TB. I told him I was unplugging the phone and fax next Friday at 3pm so this wouldn't happen again. He thought that would be a marvelous idea.

Freezing Friday
Well, not quite freezing, but it didn't get terribly warm today and there's a brisk, COLD wind. It feels like it's in the 40s.

Battle of Shiloh
The reenactment of The Battle of Shiloh is this weekend. I haven't decided if I'll go or not. Part of the decision will depend upon the weather. I think it would be a lot of fun to see, but I don't know that I want to freeze either. It's not a terribly long drive, but I probably should check the schedule of events so I don't miss something I really want to see. If nothing else, there is always next year.

The Perils of Monoculture
Now that the Bradford Pear trees are in bloom, it is easy to see just how many of them there are around town. Believe me, there are LOTS of them, including in my subdivision. They're all about the same age too. So in another 5 years or so they'll start to develop structural issues and start to fail. So far I've not observed anybody planting the next generation of trees in anticipation of that eventuality. My property has a single Bradford Pear which is located at the side of my driveway. When it dies, I might replace it with a nice smaller flowering tree, like a crabapple or a dogwood. Then again I might plant something larger like a maple. I don't want to plant anything too big so as to avoid having the roots tear up the driveway.

Speaking of trees....
The peach tree is blooming and the pear tree has just started to bloom. I pruned all three of the fruit trees a bit this evening. Removed small crossed branches, etc. The previous owners didn't know much about pruning. I found lots of inch-long branch stubs from where they had trimmed things. I will need to get the ladder out to finish the pruning process on the pear tree. If the tree had been pruned properly from an early age, it wouldn't need so much work now. I am having to remind myself that I can't fix it all in one year. I did prune it some over the summer so that I could avoid braining myself while mowing around the tree and also removed some weak and damaged branches. I'll do more this weekend, then finish the pruning in the fall.

I'd like to plant a second peach and apple tree, plus a pecan tree or two. I would like to get better yield out of the peach and apple trees. I also need to look up what sort of spraying the fruit trees will need this year.

Not Everything You Read is True....
Last week on the FatFree Vegan Yahoogroup, someone mentioned that microwave ovens are unhealthy and do bad things to the food which is cooked in them. The reason cited was that the microwave oven causes the molecules of food to heat up by causing them to rub together. This, of course, causes changes in the food. Apart from the fact that there is no such thing as a "food molecule", this is, factually, true. However, ANY sort of heating causes the molecules of a substance to rub together. Heating/cooking *does* indeed cause changes. That is why carrots go from being hard and crunchy to softer critters.

The person who posted about the evils of microwaves also posted URLs to three websites (two of which had identical information on them) detailing the evils of microwave ovens. I read the information. In the first three paragraphs, I was hard pressed to find a single sentence which was actually factually correct with regards to the science involved. The most absurd thing I read was that the Sun emits microwaves safely because it's direct current while microwaves use alternating current. I'd like to see the battery pack that runs the sun off D/C..... The whole idiotic website has annoyed me so much that I am going to take apart the article sentence by sentence, point out the errors in it and post it to one of my websites. I *hate* the fomenting of panic and stupidity through the dissemination of completely incorrect scientific information.


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