Arsenic and Old Lace

Ahhh....can't beat watching a classic comedy while winding down after a weekend. Harvey was just on and now, in a Josephine Hull double feature, I'm watching Arsenic and Old Lace. Cary Grant is about to be driven slightly mad by his aunts, who have a habit of poisoning people and then burying them in the cellar. They just don't make movies like this any more. You never even see the bodies! I don't think you ever see the body in Hitchcock's Rope either, now that I think of it.

The Vegetarian Saga
I have still remained vegetarian, except for the fact that bacon bits were put on my salad on Friday. I picked them off as best I could. I have had exactly no craving for meat or cheese. I haven't even bought cheese in two weeks now. This week I ate the veggie-packed chili I made last weekend for lunch and dinner. I haven't finished off the soba noodles yet. I ought to have them with a bit of spaghetti sauce and some broccoli. Perhaps that will be dinner tomorrow evening.

The soup of the week is a variation on a soup recipe posted to the Fat-Free Vegan listserv. I just changed things up to reflect the vegetables I had available. I used cabbage sprouts instead of half a head of cabbage. The rest of the ingredients were one turnip, two potatoes, most of a bunch of celery, two cloves garlic, two handsful of baby carrots, one onion, 3/4 cup dried lentils, basil, oregano, black pepper, two bouillon cubes and about six cups of water. It's mostly veggies and not much broth. If I run out of broth, I may just put the veggies over some rice.

The Results of Eating Better
I have managed to lose about five pounds without really trying. I'm simply paying attention to what I eat and how much I eat. I don't let myself snack when I'm bored anymore. It's amazing how much less a person can eat if you only eat when you're hungry. I have significantly boosted my water intake and that helps a lot too. Speaking of fluid intake, I'm working on giving up the caffeine. I've been drinking coffee at work (not decaf) and the occasional soda. Since I don't have caffeinated stuff at home, I ended up with a caffeine withdrawal headache today. This has happened the past couple of weeks. I sometimes remember to buy a caffeinated soda during the Saturday grocery run and sometimes I don't. I think the easiest solution is to just quit drinking it altogether.

Plans for the rest of the week:
I finally got the laundry finished and even folded last week's laundry. Now I just need to fold this week's clean clothes.

I need to buy some Lok-Tite for the windmill. The windmill is bent on self-destruction. It looks like it just can't take the wind that we get here. Every 10-14 days I have to replace the nuts that vibrate off. Last time I had to re-assemble it, I put two nuts plus a lock washer on each of the four screws holding the top of the windmill onto the body. Yesterday three of the screws were missing their nuts and the fourth one was very loose. There are now missing nuts elsewhere in the windmill body. I hope the Lok-Tite solves the problem. At the present rate of self-destruction, I'll go through a package of machine screws about every two weeks. If only the nuts that fell off would sprout new ones in the garden.... One of these days too many screws will fall out or I won't get them replaced fast enough and the whole thing will just fall apart.

At least two evenings this week I have every intention of knitting or reading and NOT even thinking of doing any work at home. Fortunately I got the housework type stuff done this weekend for the most part. After tomorrow evening, I ought to be able to goof off most of the rest of the week. That will feel quite good.


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