I Am A Fire Junkie

I was unable to resist driving over to the large column of smoke emanating from a neighborhood south and east of my office. I found a fully involved house fire that was about to be struck. The FD had its ladder up and was pouring water on from above. I didn't see a handy place to park so I didn't stop to watch. The fire was, of course, in the middle of the block so I didn't actually see the house itself between the vehicles and the smoke. I also thought it was better to watch where I was driving than to gawk and run into something.

Car accidents too!
This morning there was a car crash at the intersection south of my office building. It took an inordinantly long time to get tow trucks on scene (like 20-25 minutes). The cross street is two lanes each way, but was reduced to one lane each way. It wasn't until the tow trucks arrived that someone decided to just drive the vehicle in the intersection over to the side of the road. I don't think anybody got transported. I was quite impressed to see a street vacuum stop by and clean up the debris off the roadway. I think that it came from the hospital though, rather than the city. Still, it was a very efficient and practical way to clean up the glass, plastic and other debris.

Speaking of EMS things, I finally have all the paperwork gathered to get my EMT license renewed. Since I can't transfer my license at the Basic level, I'll have to take an intermediate or paramedic course if I want to use my EMT license here. I'm debating looking into a volunteer or paid job at the local hospital for something to do.

Work News
I managed to get caught up at work today. Of course, the new data are expected to start arriving on Friday or Monday, so this is a temporary situation.

A Beautiful Evening

Two of the neighbors who own the farm/business behind my house were out riding horses tonight. Surprisingly, none of the boys were out on their dirt bikes. It may be too wet for that still or else they got stuck working on something else.

I am blogging from my deck. It's about 60 degrees and the sun has just set. I should have gone for a walk this evening, but I wanted to just sit and veg. I probably could have re-assembled the windmill this evening, but it'll still be there tomorrow.


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