Curses! Foiled Again!

The stupid NCAA basketball tournament on CBS has pre-empted my watching CSI this evening. I'm watching The Battle of Britain on TCM instead. It's almost as good, features Lawrence Olivier and also lots of dogfights (the kind involving planes, not canines).

Productivity Enhancers

I have found two new ways to waste, er, spend time on the computer. The first is the Spamalot game. You get to throw cows at knights (pronounced k-nig-its) and at rabbits. The second is the other Spamalot game. You get to toss cows, chickens and donkeys at the enemy with a trebuchet and you even get to play as the French or the English.

Time to Unwind
I am about to turn off the computer. I had lots of stuff to blog, but now I can't remember any of it. I think my brain is full. I think I might just knit a bit and or read. It's a cold, dreary, wet day out today and I don't feel like doing much at all. Then again, that might also be because I'm exhausted. :o)

Shtinky Spare Bedroom
The yarn/fiber room smells funny again today. Sort of like cat pee mixed with farm animals. I am hoping it's becuase of the multitude of sheep's fleeces in there. I will assume that the recent warm temperatures lately are contributing to this. It certainly isn't due to any cat and I can't smell anything funky in the carpet (what little bit of isn't already covered in boxes/bins). Perhaps I'll have to use part of my tax return to ship the fleeces off to get processed. That would eliminate the stinky fleece issue and generate me a bunch more stuff to spin up. I was seriously considering just buying a drum carder and prepping it all myself, but then I'd need the time to wash and then card the fiber. It might actually be worth it to just ship it all off. Decisions, decisions....


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