Glorious Weather

I had a tough decision this morning. It was bright and sunny this morning with an expected high of 75 degrees. If it weren't for the fact that it was 38 degrees when I left the house, I'd have ridden my motorcycle to work this morning. On the way to work, I had a brilliant idea. Why not go home at lunch and get the bike so I can ride home after work and even get in a bit of a ride during lunch? Am I a genius or what?!?!?

So that's what I did. I went to lunch about 12:20, headed back to the house to grab a bite to eat and the bike. Did a fairly quick turnaround (not as quick as I had intended, but more on that later), then headed back to work. I saw a couple of bikes out at lunchtime (all of whom waved back). My energy level was soaring by the time I got back to work.

During the afternoon, the sky clouded up a bit and the temperature dropped about ten degrees. It wasn't nearly as warm at the end of the day as it was at lunchtime. I did take a longer way home, but did not go 20 miles out of my way like I had intended. I did pass a small group of sport bike riders. Only the last one waved at me. Oh well. I also discovered that my left wrist got really tired with all the shifting I had to do in town, to the extent that shifting was actually difficult by the time I got home. I'll definitely have to work on building up some strength there as I build up my endurance for motorcycle season.

Nonetheless, I had a nice ride home and finished off the day by sitting on the deck and finishing up the book I've been reading (Dragon's Teeth by James A. Hetley).

Silly People
I came home yesterday to find four large boxes from Herbalife stacked up in front of my garage door. This was "interesting" to me since I have never actually ordered anything from this company, nevermind four boxes worth. When I looked at the shipping labels, it turns out the boxes are actually for the people who owned the house before me. Now, if you remember the calendar of events for the past year, I purchased this house in July and the previous owners had moved out in January 2006. They haven't lived in this house in over a year, yet apparently had not yet gotten around to changing their shipping address. I have no idea where these folks live and while I once had their phone number, I have no idea where it might be now or if I even still have it.

So, since I have no desire to be responsible for someone else's property, I thought the best course of action was to contact Herbalife and tell them of the error in delivery destination. The customer service girl was more than a little confused when I told her that the previous residents hadn't lived at the address in at least six months, yet failed to change their address. She commented that the order was placed only three days ago with the incorrect address. Her solution was to have Fed Ex come out in three or four business days to pick up the boxes. That would be fine, except that they are big boxes and there are four of them, which doesn't really fit in my garage conveniently. Furthermore, I don't want someone else's property inside my house.

I suggested to the customer service girl that she try to contact the ordering party and tell them of their address error, then tell them to come pick up their stuff. She thought that was a good idea, put me on hold while she called them and later told me that they'd be by today to pick up the delivery. I had instructed her to tell them that the boxes would be sitting outside in front of the garage, which she says she did. They told her that they'd "be right over" to get the boxes. Well, I don't know how they define "be right over" because the boxes were still there tonight when I got home form work. I hope they come get them soon because it's supposed to rain tonight and I am *not* moving the boxes inside. Not my responsibility.

Work Productivity!
There were NO disasters today at work!! The fax machine did not spit out any announcements of reportable diseases (or anything else) needing investigation at 3pm as it likes to do on Friday afternoons. As a result, I managed to be quite productive today. I got new hard copy spreadsheets printed. I got the new data entered. I even went through one of the databases and verified it against the original data to make sure that no contacts were left off (there were two or three that had been omitted). In the afternoon, I revised the photokeratitis report which mostly involved additional statistical analyses. The last thing I did was send out the report to the involved persons. Of course, I had to send the message out twice. The first time I failed actually include the report attachment. *sigh* I have about a 50% failure rate at doing that.

I did NOT bring any work home with me. Yay!


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