Video of the Day and Genius Update

Genius Update:

I have successfully avoided any subsequent acts of genius since washing my checkbook a few weeks ago. I didn't lose any keys, luggage, sanity or other belongings while traveling. I haven't locked myself out of the car or any hotel rooms. I haven't even really gotten lost, though my mom's GPS navigation system is sadistic and routed me through all the construction zones it could find. It's sad when the PAPER maps I generated via Googlemaps actually work better than the nav system that's supposed to be smarter than most toasters. Sis and I hypothesize the GPS lady was mad because we ignored her for the duration of our journey through Iowa City, so she got even by running me through construction.

Speaking of nav systems.....I realize that the reason the nav system won't figure out what's around you when you're moving is to keep the driver from playing with it when the driver should be driving. This, however, is rather a pain when the PASSENGER is fully capable of running the nav system while the driver is driving. There should be some sort of dead man's switch put in the passenger side door so that the passenger can work the system on the fly.


KWT said…
You went through Iowa City? Without telling me? I'd be more upset if I'd been home. Give me some warning next time and we can meet up!

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