About That Job Interview...

It went well, according to the interview panel. I thought it did too. Here's hoping they recommend me to the nice human resources people and I get a contingent offer of employment in a week or two.

Contingent offer? Yep. This is not a bad thing. The hiring of any candidate for this job is contingent upon obtaining a security clearance. That process may take a couple of months. Once the clearance is obtained, the final offer will be extended. Even if the contingent offer was made next week, it might be December before the candidate could start.

Sniffle, Sniffle. Hack, Hack.
I am either coming down with a cold or I have managed to catch everybody's favorite influenza virus. The deciding factor will be whether or not I develop a fever. If I just have the stuffy, achey head and sore throat, I won't be terribly concerned. If I end up with fever too, I'll be obligated to spend a week at home so as to not share my germies with anybody else.

Except that I don't want to lose a week of work to being sick. I have a stack o' stuff to do at work. It is somewhat ironic that one of the things I have to do is write an outline for a presentation to school administrators about H1N1 influenza and keeping sick students/staff out of school. *sigh*

Time to put on my pajamas, take out my contact lenses and make a pot of hot tea....


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