A Line with Great Possibilities.....

This sentence from the original Three Beautiful Things blog struck a chord with me today. It's a simple, short, yet evocative, sentence that paints a clear picture in my head.
"I like to sit on the old long sofa from old flat and talk with Katie until my problems are unravelled."
This is the sort of sentence around which an entire novel could be built, don't you think? The plot would entail the unravelling of said problems off the couch with the subsequent visits back to the couch to finish off the ancillary problems. Sounds like a chick flick to me.

Speaking of Great Possibilities....
I have a phone interview later this week for what sounds like my dream job. Tonight I'm busy preparing to answer the typical interview questions. I've got a copy of my application handy and will print a copy of the resume I sent too. The job is with the federal government and would involve pulling together information from multiple sources to create risk assessments. Based on the organization's mission statement and how well it fits what I want, this will be a splendid fit for me and for them. I am confident that things will go well, particularly once I prepare a bit more.


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