Crunchy Progress

Now with more nuts!!

Just kidding.

I got the first presentation done in good time, but didn't get the opportunity to rehearse it fully. I had gone over mentally what I would say, but hadn't actually done it. When I first went into the conference room, I discovered that in the audience would be a higher-up from the central office. When we were introduced, she said she had heard of me. Six to twelve months ago that would have worried me. Yesterday I just smiled broadly and shook her hand, telling her it was nice to meet her. Frankly I'd heard her name before too, but I didn't tell her that. At the end of the talk as I was leaving, she said she thought my presentation was good. I thought it went well too. I caught myself doing some distracting behaviors/tics and corrected or stopped them.

The poster was mostly wrapped up today. Just some minor tweaks left. It's set up as having a red background, but since I'm printing it on my own dime at Kinko's it'll probably get printed on a white background if there's a price differential. Technically I won't have to print it until Tuesday, for a Wednesday showing. I will have to remember to bring pushpins with me.

The internet safety talk I have been revising on paper from last year's slides. Fortunately there is plenty of material circulating the internet and news media to supplement what I already have written. I'll hammer it out on Saturday while I pack for a 1/2 week work-related trip. Technically it's not due until Wednesday.

Winding Things Up
Since I'm travelling part of each of the next two weeks, I'm needing to get various errands and projects finished. I had a library book on hold, but I won't have time to read it so I'm releasing the hold request. Still have to get my mower back from the repair shop. I sincerely hope they have it finished since they've had it a week, but have yet to call me. The usual house and yard weekly chores will need to be done. Plus packing. At least the laundry is done and I only have to pack for three days. With the extra time I'll accrue on the travel days, I won't be allowed to work on Thursday and Friday of next week which will help me get caught up at home. It's too bad I can't bump that extra time to the following week instead of using vacation time, but that's not how the system works. I must remember to bring home all the trip and conference paperwork tomorrow....

I'm not at all stressed about being away for several days. I've kept up with bills, cleaning and maintenance tasks so nothing will have to be frantically accomplished on the day before I leave. All I will need to do is the usual daily tidying up and to pack. On travel day, I'll wash my breakfast dishes by hand, put them away, make my bed and head on out the door at the appointed time. No fuss and no stress. Yes, this method takes a little time each weekday, but that's a whole lot less time consuming and stressful than putting the tasks off until they absolutely have to get done. I look forward to kicking my home/life management skills into the next gear when I return. I've achieved some degree of comfort where I'm at which indicates to me that it's time to take on a bit more complexity and to set a higher goal for accomplishment.


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