Only One Bite Left....

Oral presentation done! Poster done! Essay written! All that remains is the revision of the presentation from last year and I've actually been working on that for the past couple of days.

Lawnmower returns home tomorrow from its trip to the spa repair shop. It's supposed to be back first thing in the morning. It'll get a few hours to get adjusted to being back at home, then it'll be straight to work. The lawn is just a day or so past needing a mowing.

Then there's the packing. I have a general mental idea of what clothes I'll pack. Just need to get them out, check them over and get them into the suitcase. As always, I'm going with the minimalist packing plan. One pair of work shoes, running shoes, two pairs of pants, four shirts, one belt, two sets workout clothes, plus one set undergarments for each day. I could probably get all of this into my gym bag, but I don't trust that bag to hold up to the loving care of the airport baggage handling equipment. What I really need is an actual suitcase that is of a size intermediate between the suitcase I have and my gym bag. I'll just have to make do with what I've got.

But that's stuff to deal with in the morning. Right now it's bedtime.


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