Red Sun

Here's a movie to make your brain hurt--Charles Bronson, Toshiro Mifune and Ursula Andress in a Western. Red Sun. It was on AMC this morning. I caught a few minutes of it. Not surprisingly, Mr. Mifune plays a samurai in traditional clothing. I have no idea how he ended up in the American west. I'd have never guessed that Bronson and Mifune were in a movie together and I'd have predicted it would be a WWII movie not a Western, if I did guess. Or perhaps a comedy where Mr. Bronson plays the hopelessly befuddled gaijin trying to grok Japanese culture.

Now I want a bowl of miso soup and a cucumber roll.

Blackberry/garden update:
I have re-buried the blackberries. It doesn't look like I'll lose any plants though there was a raspberry vine that got snapped off at some point. No new digging today. I have a couple rolls of wire fencing that used to actually support the blackberries. I'll work on getting that wired to the barbed wire fence in the next day or two. I'll still need another 50-60 feet of fencing though. I'm trying to decide if it's even worth trying to keep the dogs out since they'll likely just dig under the fence if they really want to get through.

Today's weeding progress included weeding the entire back side of the house and scaring the bejeebers out of some gray mammal critter (it moved too fast for me to see exactly what it was) and it bopped back and forth between the edge on one bed and a hiding spot under the deck. I don't think it was a rat since rats would be perfectly capable of hopping over the top of the cement border edging and running away. I didn't see a long tail either. I really didn't get a good view of it. It was about guinea pig sized and gray. That's all I got.

Once I finish having a bit of a lunch break, I'll go back and finally dig out the expanded deck bed. It's quite cool out today so far and the sun is still on the front side of the house. I will need some more dirt to fill up the bed along the deck edge. The bed is about two inches below the grade of the grass, so it readily fills up with sunflower seed hulls from the bird feeder.

I got really tired after the yardwork yesterday and I had attributed that to a bit of heat exhaustion. I suspect now that it was mostly just plain tiredness from a lack of sleep the night or two before. I'm not having any extra tiredness today, but I'm paying attention to drinking lots of water and not getting overheated.


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